2018 Israel Ride

Descending into Eilat - 2015
Descending into Eilat - 2015

Teddyville Sluggers

This October, we will be riding from Jerusalem to Eilats as a father-and-son team for the second time, and Andrew will be riding for the third time overall, to support the Arava Institute. 

The Arava Institute is a center for Environmental Studies located at Kibbutz Ketura in Israel. Though it started only as a center for Environmental Studies, it became clear that serious environmental work could not be done without addressing regional issues and crossing political boundaries. Adopting the motto “nature knows no borders”, the Arava Institute soon became immersed in building relationships between different peoples in the region – Israelis, Jordanians and Palestinians as well as Jews, Christians and Muslims. Over the last 20 years, the Arava Institute has quietly built a diverse network of alums who work together in tackling water quality, clean air, sustainable growth and other environmental issues as well as a unique approach to peace-building.

This year, more than ever, we believe that the Arava Institute is advancing the values and issues that are important to us at a grassroots level. We have a President who doesn’t believe in the human role in environmental change and a Prime Minister who doesn't have a coherent vision for peace. We believe that the Arava Institute, and our support of it, can be the change we wish to see in the world - a force for a cleaner more beautiful world and a force for peace in the Middle East.

My father and I don't always agree on politics, but we both whole-heartedly beleive that your contribution will help both in protecting our environment and in building bridges for peace in the Middle East. We cannot raise this large sum without your help, so please make a generous contribution. Every pledge helps no matter how large or small!

Thank you!

Andrew and Teddy

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