2018 Israel Ride

The LT Spokesters

Our team supports the 2018 Israel Ride!

The primary beneficiary of the Israel Ride is the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies.  Through its academic programs, research institutes and Track II cross border environmental initiatives, AIES' religiously and culturally diverse students, alumni, staff and faculty work tirelessly to achieve its vision of an environmentally sustainable Middle East. http://www.arava.org

The Institute's most recent initiative, The Track II Environmental Forum, enables key civil society organizations and individuals who represent both state and non-state actors to meet in a safe space. In this environment, they can discuss, negotiate and develop practical cross-border strategies to facilitate formal and informal environmental agreements between the countries.

As Ambassador Dennis Ross said recently, "The Arava Institute's Track II forum is a way to deal with loss of faith, a way to show that cooperation is possible. This is the only effort that brings Israelis and Palestinians and Jordanians together to work on real, tangible projects."

Hazon, the other beneficiary of the Ride, is the American Jewish community's leading organization in the field of outdoor, food, and environmental education

We have committed to raise at least $11,000 collectively, or about $3700 each towards this cause.  Perhaps you’ll consider the Jewish tradition of multiples of the numeric value of 'Chai' (Life):  $36, $72,$108, $180, $360, $540 – Just know that ALL contributions are greatly appreciated.

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Thanks for your support!

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