2017 Israel Ride

Jerry's Kids

That would be Garcia, not Lewis.  We're* Going Down the Road, but not Feelin Bad. In fact, we are planning to Beat It Down The Line!  Although... we are not looking forward to cycling up The Mountains of the Moon.  Death Don't Have No Mercy, but hopefully whoever design the routes did.  Speaking of the route, in this case Eilat has become The Promised Land.  At least we do not expect any Cold, Rain and Snow. In 2012 a bunch of us got lost.  I tell you it was like A Ship of Fools.  It took Saint Stephen to rescue us.  (was there a Stephen on the crew that year?  Who remembers?) We are reassured that if we have a flat, then Help (is) On The Way.  Along the way, by the way, when we run into someone we've ridden with before we say "I Know You Rider".  If we know each other well and its the last day (boo hoo) we'll say to each other "Gonna miss me when I'm gone."  

On a serious note (but with a Grateful Dead reference nevertheless).  In the cause of building trust and fellowship, and growing conditions for peoples to live in peace with each other, we wish the Eyes of the World could be on the Arava Institute and all the places in Israel where this kind of peace work is going on.

*"We" does not include anyone named Bertha.  Also not on the ride, sadly, Samson and Delilah.  They missed their connection at Terrapin Station and had to stay there One More Saturday Night.

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