DLTI 10 Application


Our tenth cohort begins July 2018 and consists of four week-long sessions:

Week 1: July 23 - 29, 2018

Week 2: February 13 - 18, 2019

Week 3: July 29 - August 4, 2019

Week 4: February 12 - 17, 2020

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Cancellation Policy

By applying to DLTI 10, you are indicating that you agree to the the following cancellation policy.

If you are participating in DLTI and you miss or cancel one of the week-long retreat sessions, 50% of the tuition ($350) for the missed or cancelled retreat session is still due. Withdrawal is permitted only after the first retreat session.

For the room & board portion of your registration fee, the following cancellation policy applies:

Cancellation Date Refund Policy
Up to 7 days prior to retreat start date Refundable less $50 per person
Between 3-6 days prior 50% refundable
48 hours before retreat start date,

if you do not show up, or if you leave early


Hazon reserves the right to cancel any program at any time. In the event of such a cancellation, you will receive a complete refund.

Inclement Weather: Hazon reserves the right to cancel a retreat due to inclement weather if, in its judgment, it will be unable to operate safely. In the event of such a cancellation, a full refund will be issued. In the event that the retreat proceeds as scheduled, no refund will be available.

Question - Required - I agree that this cancellation policy shall be binding on me, my legal representatives, heirs, and assigns. I have read this cancellation policy and I fully understand its contents.


The DLTI Ethics Policy

Every davvenen leader, whether a professional or a volunteer, is a spiritual leader. At DLTI every one of us enters into an agreement with each other to hold the highest standards in our relationships with one another. The work we are doing together rests on a foundation of integrity, trust, openness, willingness to risk, and a commitment to genuine caring. Our behavior matters.

As we embrace the many roles of spiritual leadership that DLTI offers, we embody the highest ethical standards.  DLTI, as a program of HAZON and Isabella Freedman, and of ALEPH, makes this commitment to ethical conduct part of the fabric of our work.  Registering for DLTI includes this basic commitment. The ALEPH Ethics Policy covers everyone who teaches and attends DLTI. This protects and honors us all by affirming our commitment to be in right relationship with each other.

Read the full ethics policy here

Question - Required - I have read the ALEPH Ethics Policy and affirm my commitment to high ethical standards in my relationships at DLTI.

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