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  • Webinar – Save the Date
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Sustainable Purim

Here are the Top 10 quick and useful suggestions from Hazon, to make your Purim more healthy and sustainable. To find out more information and suggestions from Hazon for Purim, visit the Hazon Purim Resource Page.

RECHARGE: A Retreat For Rabbis And Spiritual Leaders
The retreat dates have been updated: 
RECHARGE will be taking place Sunday-Tuesday, May 17-19!

What is the focus of this retreat?
RECHARGE is focused on personal sustainability, communal sustainability and planetary sustainability. Our vision is that this gathering will help you rest from the rigors of spiritual leadership and decompress through nourishing your mind, body, and soul. Our kavanah is that inspirational Torah, song, and nature connection will fuel your body and soul, making you more equipped to serve a generation facing unprecedented challenges.  

Rabbinical council members receive an additional 15% discount. Scholarships for travel and the program are available. Room upgrades are also available.
Please contact Isaiah Rothstein with any questions. 

register today!
Sustainability Torah

Engage With the Powerful Energy of Adar: Your Chance for Joy
by R. Ora Weiss

The Hebrew Month of Adar, beginning this year on February 25th, has great weight and depth, much more so if one is aware and takes advantage of its powerful vertical energy, Source/God energy.  There is a circularity to entering this energy.  Each year we step in to start another year long circular journey around its vertical energy, potentially moving us toward greater wisdom. Read more


A Goat Breeder Knows… When Pesach is Coming
by R. Aaron Philmus

Pesach is coming, I know because my goat Cinnamon is pregnant and in a few months she will be kidding. In Ancient Israel every family prepared for Pesach by selecting a male kid or lamb, tying it to the bedpost, and taking care of it for four days.  The head of household would then slaughter and roast the whole animal over a fire and they ate the meat with matzah and bitter greens. I am standing out in the back petting the momma goat and she is especially snugly today  because she is preparing to mother several kids. I never intended to be a goat breeder or meat supplier but it’s the only way to get milk for yogurt, cheese, and soap. Read more...

Upcoming Webinar: Save the Date
Every year, the Passover seder is an opportunity to remember our journey from enslavement to freedom, recognize the forms of oppression that still exist today, and figure out how we can fight them. Today, our food system presents us with an enormous challenge: how to eat in line with Jewish values when it is propped up by industries that abuse workers, animals, and the environment on an unprecedented scale. Shamayim: Jewish Animal Advocacy, Jewish Veg, Jewish Initiative for Animals (JIFA), and Hazon offer a pre-Passover webinar that contextualizes these discussions for our holiday preparation and celebration. Participants will gain knowledge and resources needed to integrate these critical issues into their Passover seder—as well as tips for hosting a delicious plant-based Passover meal. If we can help build a food system that is truly free for all - dayenu!
Please join us on March 12th at 9AM Pacific/Noon Eastern for our free webinar entitled A Passover That Is Free for All: Worker, Animal, & Climate Justice. Register here and email with questions.
Update from Hazon
We would love to have you get involved:
  • Thousands of people engaged with our 2020 Hazon Tu B'Shvat Haggadah – take a look at this amazing resource and how you might incorporate some of our lessons into your own work.
  • We are growing our work with rabbis. Take a look at our webpage:  We welcome Rabbis Robin Damsky and Aaron Philmus as our co-chairs for the Hazon Rabbinic Advisory Board (RAB). If you are interested in getting more involved email me at
  • We declared 5780 the Year of Environmental Teshuva by acquiring a billboard ad in Time Square for a day this August. See Nigel’s article on Environmental Teshuva in the Jerusalem Post and be sure to engage with our Environmental Teshuva webpage to find ways to get involved in sustainability efforts this year.
  • Jonathan Safran Foer’s new book We are the Weather came out on September 17th. We sent out a few hundred copies to rabbis and spiritual leaders on our Rabbinical Council and beyond because we believe that is directly aligned with Hazon’s work around food systems and climate justice. Check out the Hazon We are the Weather discussion guide here.
  • We co-founded the Jewish Climate Coalition along with the Marlene Meyerson JCC of Manhattan, Jewish Theological Seminary and Jewish Climate Action Network as an organizing strategy for strengthening our greening efforts as a Jewish community. The coalition has over 35 organizations to date; you should join! Take a look at Hazon’s signature signs and pictures from the Global Climate Strike.
Want to get more involved in Hazon's work with rabbis and spiritual leaders?
Hazon is building a movement of rabbis and spiritual leaders that strengthens Jewish life & contributes to a more environmentally sustainable world for all – and we want you to be part of it!

Learn more about Hazon’s (updated) Theory of Change as it relates to our strategic plan with rabbis and spiritual leaders.

Contact Hazon rabbi-in-residence Isaiah Rothstein at or set up a 30-minute call using his online calendar.
As the Jewish lab for sustainability, Hazon is building a movement that strengthens Jewish life and contributes to a more environmentally sustainable world for all.

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