April 29th could be the largest climate mobilization in history. But we need you!
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A Week of Earth Action, April 22 to 29

Join Hazon and other Jewish communities as we celebrate a week of action for the Earth – from the Shabbat of Earth Day (April 22) to the People’s Climate Mobilization on the following Shabbat (April 29). 

As we make our journey from Pesach to Shavuot, from freedom to responsibility, we’ll be asking our legislators to confront the challenges of climate change – and create 
a world with good jobs, clean air, and safe communities for all. 

We’re at a historic moment in the conversation about climate change in our country and the world. The future of America’s climate policy, and with it, the world’s, hang in the balance. April 29th could be the largest climate mobilization in history. But we need you!

If Washington, DC is too far away, or Shabbat is not a time for marching, you can still stand in solidarity with marchers by raising up climate justice wherever you are, participating in a “People’s Climate March Shabbat” that affirms our responsibilities towards Creation.


1. March with Hazon and the Jewish community at the People’s Climate Mobilization in Washington, DC on April 29. (A Shabbat-friendly bus will be traveling from NYC to DC on Friday, April 28.) If you can’t make it to DC, join a march in your cityRegister your community.

2. Educate and advocate by joining the Jewish environmental advocacy retreat at Pearlstone Center on April 26-27. Meet fellow Jewish climate change activists, learn how to talk to your representatives, and advocate for climate action through Interfaith Power & Light. Learn more.

3. Ask your Rabbi to speak about climate change on Earth Day and the People's Climate March Shabbat. D’var Torah ideas are on our website.

4. Organize a Sustainability Event during Earth Week, from Earth Day (April 22) through the People’s Climate March Shabbat on April 29. Invite an environmental speaker, plan a sustainable kiddush, educate your youth group or preschool, or contact a local climate justice group for advocacy ideas.

Make sure to mark yourself as “going” on our Facebook event. See you in April!
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All best wishes,
Hody Nemes
Manager of Greening & Climate Initiatives at Hazon

Questions? Email advocacy@hazon.org.

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